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Bucharest 5 A Side Football

You can't beat 5-a-side-football for a stag do. It's hella competitive, great for banter and budget-friendly. In short, a brilliant all-rounder. We'll get the pitch booked, arrange transport to and from the venue, and get a guide to come along. Bring your lucky shirt to Bucharest, put your favourite trainers on and release your inner Messi, Nayar or Ronaldo.

First job: pick team captains. The best man and the stag. They've got to be on opposite sides, it's the unwritten rule of stag 5-a-side. Then it's time to pick your players and decide who's best suited to striker, who will be the most effective midfield, and which man will make the strongest goalie. That's assuming you're taking it seriously, which you probably will be because this is a stag and being super competitive about absolutely everything is pretty much mandatory.

So, let's get down to tactics! Will you go for the classic 5-a-side-football or try and flummox the other side with something like 4-4-2 or 3-5-2? If you follow Wenger's advice, you'll go with none of the aforementioned and choose 1-2-1. As the man himself says, "you'll be strong in defence and dangerous in attack". Sounds like a plan.

Win or lose there's only one way this ends and that's in the bar. It's tradition. And this is a Bucharest stag do, so that means one beer will soon turn into 10. Standard.

In a nutshell:

  • 5-a-side-football
  • Pitch for 1 hour
  • Return transfers
  • Guide
From Only £33.00 per Person
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