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Bucharest Autocross

If your bro is into motorsport, autocross is the perfect activity for his Bucharest stag weekend. You'll be picked up with a guide and taken to an 850m-long track outside the city. Drive a VW Golf GTI or a BMW E36 round the course and see who has the skills and big balls needed to rack up the most laps. You get 10 minutes to prove you're the hottest thing on four wheels. Make them count.

Fast and dirty, autocross is where you start if you want to get into competitive motorsport. It's not a race situation as such but it is hella competitive. It's a bit like the old Top Gear 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car' challenge. Only you'll be in a VW or a Beemer, so it's faster and far more exciting. No convertibles. No water. No huge ditches that are more like pits. There will be challenges though. Stuff like sharp corners and undulating sections. It's slippery when wet and you might have mud or dust to contend with. You'll need to keep your head but give it some speed to win.

Challenging but thrilling, autocross is a big must for a Bucharest stag weekend. If you're after something different for a right petrolhead, this will be a winner. Give us your numbers. We'll put the call in and get the cars and track booked.

In a nutshell:

  • Autocross session
  • 850m track
  • VW Golf GTI 115 CP or a BMW E36
  • 10 minutes drive time each
  • Compete to see who can get round in the fastest time
  • 1 beer each afterwards
  • Transfers included
  • Guide
  • 8 people minimum
  • Driving licenses required
From Only £70.00 per Person
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