Perfect Stag Party for a Sports Fan

Throwing a last fling before the big day for your best mate who’s a massive sports fan? There are plenty of ways for you to make his last days of singledom unforgettable – and Stag Weekends can make it happen. Whether you’re hitting the pitch, strapping on skis or grabbing tickets to a sporting event to remember, we’re sure you’ll find something that’ll have your stag party cheering for more.

Go Big or Go Home 

Might as well start as you mean to go on – and that’s with tickets to a massive football match. From the Camp Nou with tickets to see Barcelona put on a helluva show or seats to see Real Madrid kick a few into the back of the net, we can help get your hands on the tickets. 

From the mean seats of Ajax to the brilliant moves of Bayern Munich, there are plenty of tickets on offer for your stag party. We’ve got the facilities to make stag do perfection happen! From Premier League matchups to La Liga legends, your stag party has the opportunity of a lifetime as the big lad waves goodbye to the single life.

If you’re heading to Spain, Stag Weekends can also help you give the big lad an experience that’ll put your stag party into the hall of fame with a stadium tour. Checkout the Stag Weekends football tickets if you want all the memories on the groom’s stag weekend footy flavoured!

Hit the Pitch

Love a bit of a kick around on a Sunday? Whether you want to blow off some steam or you want an activity that’ll sweat out the hangover from your first night out on the town, hitting the pitch will make it happen. From 5 a Side matches in European cities to unleashing your inner child at a Human Table Football game, there’s more than enough to keep the lads busy. Jump in your kits, lads; we’re going for goal!

Comedy Gold

This is where fun meets footy – and it’s one of our most popular stag party events on the menu. Bubble Football is the perfect mix of zorbing and 5 a side and the lads are going to love it. Here’s how it works: we set up pitch hire in the city of your choice, have an event coordinator meet you there with all the gear and they’ve got a ton of game ideas for your team. 

Ever played footy when you’re steamin’? Find out if you’d be able to hit the back of the net when you can’t figure out which way is up! Beer Goggle Football is side-splitting fun. Just like with Bubble Football, everything is set up for you – so all you have to worry about is getting the lads out of bed (or the bar!) and to the pitch for some unforgettable fun.

Adrenaline Rush

If your stag isn’t a footy fan there are plenty of sports you can jump into before his big day! From Sky Diving and Rock Climbing to Caving, Cliff Jumping and even Snowboarding. From hot and sunny destinations to the hottest winter locations, there are plenty of sports to get your stag party pulse pounding.

Grab a board and go surfing, strap on your boots and climb a mountain or jump onto a snow mobile and head off into European forests. Stag weekends are made for making memories and it’s up to you how you do it! Don’t stress if you feel like you’re in over your head when it comes to making plans for everyone in your stag party! Our expert stag party planners have been doing this for years and they know exactly where to go and who to speak to, to make magic happen. 


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Date Posted: Friday 13th March 2020

Author: Charlotte Sneddon

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