European vs Worldwide Stag Dos

So you've decided on going abroad for the stag do, but where do you go? It's time for a Stag Do Smackdown, where we let European and worldwide stag dos battle. Who will win? Let's ring the bell and find out!


We offer some unbeatable packages for value both in Europe and worldwide. Whether you're looking for boobs in Barcelona or Bangkok, we've got you sorted for the best prices around! Of course, when you bring flight costs into the equation, things get a little more favourable for Europe. Leaving the price of plane tickets out of it, we're calling this round a tie.

Things to do

We can offer all sorts of activities to make your stag do legendary. Europe definitely has a leg up here. We've crafted the perfect packages to send the stag off in style, and there are so many more in Europe than across the globe. We'll give this round to the EU!


Sure, there's so much more choice in Europe for a stag do, compared to our global options. But in terms of the legendary lad's experience, Europe and the world are neck and neck. From the classic Hangover scenario in Las Vegas (minus losing the groom of course) to the pursuit of pleasure in Prague, this one's got to be a tie.


This one is a close round, but we have to give the points to worldwide locations. Nothing against European destinations, as they can create a classic stag do you'll never forget, but The Hangover (and The Hangover 2) were set in Vegas and Bangkok for a reason.

Who's the winner?

After four rounds, they've taken bloody good swings at each other, but the judge's points bring this match to a draw. Whether you keep the stag do within Europe or travel further afield, it's what you do that matters. And with our epic packages, you're guaranteed an unforgettable time.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 16th December 2015

Author: Jason England

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