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Traditional Meal Experience for Stag Weekends

Traditional Meal

Try a traditional meal and chow down on local specialties you don't get to try at your average town centre restaurant. Come on! Be adventurous and get your laughing gear round all sorts of different dishes that have been keeping stomachs happy for generations. We've selected traditional restaurants in cities across Europe that deliver freshly prepared grub with a smile, washed down with generous amounts of booze.

If you like man-size portions of honest, home cooked grub served in rustic surroundings, a traditional meal will deliver the goods. Ideal for stag parties, this dining experience lines stomachs and is just the thing to keep you going on a bar crawl.

No fussy presentation, foam, smears of pea puree or tiny slices of meat with a couple of disappointing cubes of potato fondant on the side. Forget Michelin stars and trendy restaurants that put style over substance! Stag parties get satisfying plates of delicious food full of colour and flavour.

We'll make restaurant reservations for you, prior to your stag do. Simply turn up at the pre-arranged time, take your seats, and scoff. We use restaurants close to bars, pubs and clubs so you won't have far to go to find the action once you've polished off your traditional meal.

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