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Malta Traditional Meal

The stag party meal is one of the most important bits of your weekend. It's the one chance you lot get to sit down together, chill, have a banter and catch up with chaps you haven't seen for ages!

A traditional Maltese meal is the ideal way to combine a bit of local colour with your catch-up. Kick off the stag party with a big sit down dinner, or combine one of our specialist meal options with your Saturday activities for the ultimate Malta experience!

We can arrange for high-toned gastronomic extravaganzas, quiet sit-down meals featuring Maltese classics like Fenkata or Hanzirata, or even food fights. Just ask your stag party co-ordinator for more information on the themed dinner parties you can take part in, and we'll get you set up with the perfect chow-down!

Whatever format you choose, there's plenty of wine and beer to go with your Maltese meal. Munch your way through delicious freshly caught fish, succulent whole roast pig or gamy stewed rabbit. Toast the groom repeatedly with as much local vino and lager as you can handle. With options for every stag, from a quick and simple dinner to a massive blowout, we guarantee total belly-pleasing awesomeness. Dig in, chaps!

From Only £78.00 per Person
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