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Tequila Tasting

Get the stag party started in bonkers Mexican style with tequila tasting! Why start slow when you could go in hard and fast? We'll book you and the boys in for a session that puts the fun and entertainment back into booze tasting. No pretentious connoisseurs or pretending you can taste flowers or smell hints of oak! No-one will give a toss if you can't tell one tequila from another, but you'll have a right laugh trying, and learn some fascinating facts to boot.

Make your way to a city centre bar, where you'll be greeted by a tequila buff who really knows his stuff. Swap legendary tales of crazy nights on slammers, break the ice and get everyone warmed up for the blind tequila tasting.

As your bartender pours the shots, he'll regale your stag party with all sorts of weird facts and tequila trivia. Did you know that doctors prescribed tequila, lime and salt to combat the massive flu epidemic that swept the globe in 1918? True dat.

Next, it's time to get stuck into some blind tequila tasting, a challenge worthy of any stag do. Can you tell silver from gold? Budget from primo quality shizzle? The lowest score gets a booby prize!

Emerge from tequila tasting all fired up and ready to rock.

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