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Nottingham Tequila Tasting

Put some Mexican madness into your stag weekend with this legendary afternoon tasting session! Let loose in one of Nottingham's favourite bars with six free shots of tequila, the chaps will be challenged to take on board enough information to identify brands and styles in a blind taste test.

A cut above your average afternoon in the pub, your tequila tasting session has everything you need to get the boys back on track. If they've overdone it in the Lace Market on Friday night, a fascinating afternoon learning about (and drinking) tequila is just the ticket to get them interested in going out again!

The tasting session starts with a great big tequila cocktail, unleashed by the bar staff as soon as you set foot inside. While you're getting on with that (and telling the most cringe-worthy stories about the groom you can dredge up from the memory banks!), tequila experts are lining up your shots.

You get two sets of three shots to identify. Listen carefully to the lectures your private bartender gives as she pours your tequila, then match what you have just learned to the tastes of each shooter.

Winners get the glory: losers will be humiliated with hilarious dunce prizes!

The bar that hosts your tequila tasting session is right in the middle of Nottingham, perfectly located to kickstart the final night of your stag weekend. Stay on for a few drinks with the local ladies, or move onto the next bar. It's all good.

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