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Newcastle Tequila Tasting

Mental nights abound in the Toon, whose combination of friendly locals and epic drinking culture make it a number one stag party destination. So it's hardly surprising that in addition to all the normal stag activities, Newcastle offers a variety of ways to get liquored up in the afternoon!

Top of the list is tequila tasting, which is a brilliant combination of pub trivia and free shots. Your stag party gets six for every man on the team, in a bar right in the middle of the city.

The format of the afternoon is simple genius. You'll be given a private area in the bar, and tended to by your very own waitress - who starts by serving you a massive tequila cocktail while your shot challenges are put together.

When you've loosened up with a long drink, it's time to listen to lectures and attack those shooters! The game is to retain the pop facts about tequila given in the talks, and use them to identify tequila types. If you've listened well (and don't get too affected by necking loads of tequila), you'll be able to match colour and flavour to answer correctly.

If you're half cut after the third glass, it's booby prizes for you!

After the taste test, you're free to hang out where you are, or explore Newcastle's legendary nightlife. Bigg Market, Central Station, Quayside - what's it to be? With six free tequilas and a cocktail on board, you'll be in the mood to try them all!

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Tequila Experience

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