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Liverpool Tequila Tasting

For the stag do that doesn't do things by halves! Tequila tasting is the latest booze appreciation class to hit Liverpool and we love it. Get the celebrations started in crazy style with the lethal Mexican spirit that's shrouded in mystery, mysticism and madness! This is no strait laced wine tasting class. Sort tequila fact from fiction, swap stories about messy nights on the slammers, and take the blind taste test.

Make your way to a Liverpool city centre bar, where a tequila boffin will be waiting to take you on a bonkers trip to deepest, darkest Mexico! Break the ice, learn how to mix a quick tequila cocktail, and hear the truth about the legendary tequila worm.

Next, your buff will start pouring the shots for the blind tequila tasting. Who's been paying attention? Can you tell white from gold tequila? Cheap from primo label stuff? Find out with a 6-shot challenge!

After that little lot you'll be buzzed up and raring to hit Liverpool's nightlife scene. The city actually has her very own tequila bar, right in the heart of L1, near Liverpool Central station. No prizes for guessing where you lot will end up on the stag night!

In a nutshell:

  • Private tequila tasting
  • Liverpool city centre bar
  • Tequila expert
  • Tequila trivia
  • 6 shots
  • Blind tasting
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