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Footgolf Activity for Stag Weekends


Take football, blend it with pitch 'n putt and you have footgolf! Your mission is to get a football into super sized golf holes using as few kicks as possible. The latest, craziest game to hit the stag party circuit has all the ingredients you need for a top drawer activity: sport, competition, comedy moments aplenty, and epic photo opportunities.

On arrival at the course, the club's friendly staff will brief you on the rules and then it's straight into the action! There's more to footgolf than simply booting a ball round a flat course. Each hole is different and comes with its own set of obstacles to overcome and hazards to avoid. You'll be punching the air in victory one minute and throwing a strop the next!

You know the drill, gents: stay out of the bunkers, dodge the water ditches and give it some welly for that long last hole. The holes get progressively trickier as you go to make things more interesting.

You don't need to be Jack Nicklaus or Ronaldo to play or even win a game of footgolf. Far less sweaty than five-a-side and way funnier than your average round of golf, this new hybrid sport is ideal for stag parties with different levels of skill and fitness.

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