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Bratislava Footgolf

Tee off and kick off at the same time with this awesome hybrid game! The footgolf craze has been taking the stag party world by storm. This is your chance to find out what all the fuss is about.

We're taking your stag party to a footgolf course in Bratislava, for an 18-hole contest like no other! Instead of golf balls and clubs, you'll be playing with footballs. Genius. Can you plant a corner-kick style drive right on the green, or will your dead ball skills be found wanting?

Let's face it, fellers. Everyone ever has drunkenly wanted to assault a golf course with footballs! Now you get to do it for real. The only difference is you can't be wasted, or they won't let you play.

The rules of footgolf are simple. You have to wear proper golf gear. Only one player at a time can kick his ball. And the feller whose ball is farthest from the hole takes first shot. Get those Argyll socks on, and show the golfers how a real game is played!

Footgolf is a top-notch activity for the Saturday afternoon of your stag party in Bratislava. It's funny, it's unique, and it's pretty relaxed. But it's also a proper competitive sport, and that means points, prizes, and beery handicaps. Draw up a list of drinking game challenges for the pub later, and make sure you take your scorecard with you! We recommend doling out shots for every ball that lands in the rough.

In a nutshell:

  • Guide
  • Transfers
  • Course fees paid
  • 18 holes
  • Balls
From Only £64.00 per Person
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