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Marbella Footgolf

Fed up of footie? Groan at the idea of golf? Chaps, if you can't decide what sport to play on your stag weekend in Marbella, we've got something you just might love.

Footgolf is the latest stag weekend craze. It looks like a piss-take, but it's actually a bona fide sport with its own rules and recommended attire! A cross between football and golf, this quality activity pits the chaps against each other in a race to chip, pass and lob a football into an oversized hole on a proper golf course. It rules.

You'll need to turn up dressed in regulation footgolf attire. No jeans and no vest, please, chaps! Footgolf is a smart sport, and demands a certain level of sartorial elegance from its participants. This course prefers polo shirts, dress shorts and trainers with socks.

Ideal for pleasing everyone, footgolf is so silly it can be enjoyed by the whole group - even those fellers who don't like football or golf. Golf-haters will love the idea of kicking a ball around a golf links, and chaps who get tired just thinking about a whole football match will be happy to try a few set pieces on the green!

Unique, fun and very hilarious, footgolf is the ideal cure for grumpy men with hot hangovers. Polish your dead ball technique and prepare for greatness!

In a nutshell:

  • 9 holes of footgolf in Marbella
  • Ball provided
  • Dress code applies: dress shorts, polo shirt, trainers
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