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Treasure Hunt Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Treasure Hunt

A brand new breed of GPS treasure hunt has hit the stag party circuit! Reloaded for the modern chap about town, this version has all sorts of smart interactive features, including live tracking so you can keep an eye on the opposition.

There are two types of treasure hunt: city and pub. Pick the former if you actually want to see the attractions, and the latter if you're more interested in bars and pub trivia. It sounds like an obvious choice, but if you want to get the boys off the beers for a couple of hours, city is actually the way to go. Although knowing you lot, it'll be pub!

Either way, you'll get to charge around the city, solving clues like Sherlocks, taking a bunch of selfies at big monuments, and completing priceless team challenges.

The best thing about these treasure hunts is that you can do them whenever you like, and add personal touches if you want. Throw in a couple of questions about the stag. What's his favourite drink? Where did he meet the bride? What's the most humiliating thing he's ever done while drunk?

Start your treasure hunt when you want. Had a heavy stag night? Do it in the afternoon. Simply take a team selfie, enter the game and start the race to the finish point. All you need is one iOS smartphone, Android or tablet per team.

May the best team win!

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