Sheffield Treasure Hunt

Quality stag weekend entertainment is all about two things: satisfying everyone, and getting the chaps involved in something that takes minds off hangovers. The GPS treasure hunt does both perfectly, and throws a couple of sneaky beers into the mix for good measure. Genius.

Split the lads into teams, give each one a stupid name and power up the treasure hunt app on a smartphone or tablet. Using a clever route around some of Sheffield's primo boozers, the game sends you off on a clue-solving, video-making, snap-taking challenge! You'll uncover gems of Steel City history, conquer head-scratching tasks and complete hilarious dares to unlock the next pub in the chain. Obviously, there's time factored in for a drink in each one...

The treasure hunt app shows real-time progress for each team on an interactive leaderboard. Stick to the challenges and beat the opposition, or go off-track and get in a few more pints.

More than your average pub crawl, the GPS treasure hunt gets the old grey matter churning and scores a direct hit on the trivia button. The boys will love the unique combination of team challenge and drinking session. Told you it was perfect for a stag weekend!

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