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Palma Treasure Hunt

Tell me you didn't watch Pirates of the Caribbean and wish it was all just Kiera Knightley in a saucy costume. Well, now you can get your peepers around the next best thing: a collection of swashbuckling quiz questions that lead inexorably towards a life-sized, scantily clad prize!

This stroke of stag weekend genius covers all the bases. You get to see the biggest and best sights in Palma. You get to drink beer and say 'arrrrh' a lot. And you end up in a room with the bustiest 'treasure trove' ye ever saw. And if that's not worth a 'yo ho ho', we don't know what is.

The stag weekend treasure hunt is built to keep every man jack of ye as happy as a buccaneer in a brothel. You'll be tasked with solving clues, answering questions and beating riddles, with every correct solution leading you one step closer to the treasure. We supply everything - all the clues, all the treasure maps and a set of easy-to-follow instructions. All you have to do is give yourselves daft pirate names and prepare to plunder Palma!

Obviously, no stag weekend activity would be worth its salt without beer. We've factored in plenty of drinking games along the way. Drink off a flagon of ale, or go the whole hog and get some spiced rum inside you. Your treasure 'chest' awaits!

In a nutshell:

  • Saucy stag weekend treasure hunt
  • Instructions, clues and maps
  • Drinking games
  • Naughty prize
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