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London Treasure Hunt

Two awesome formats, one amazing city! Do a pub GPS treasure hunt of London and discover the capital's best boozers, or go for the city format if you want to see the big attractions during your stag do. Either way, you'll have a great time charging round the capital, racing against the clock and each other to solve clues, smash team tasks and finish first.

This isn't your bog standard GPS treasure hunt. The techies have upgraded the usual format and added live maps and features like team tracking and a leaderboard to ramp up the tension! Split into teams, enter the game with a group selfie and start solving clues that lead to everything from famous boozers to top landmarks like Buckingham Palace and Pall Mall.

Own the treasure hunt by adding questions about your mates and find out how well you really know each other!

This is a self-run activity so you can do it at any point during your time in London. Great news if you've been up all night in Soho or throwing shapes on the terrace at Egg until sunrise!

In a nutshell:

  • Choose between 2 formats: pub and city
  • Do your GPS treasure hunt when you like
  • Personalise with your own questions
  • Live features
  • Fascinating trivia
  • Team challenges, selfies and more!
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