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Nottingham High Ropes Course

Shrivel nuts and make big men cry with a stag weekend activity that takes no prisoners! The high ropes course in Nottingham is one of the biggest and toughest in the country, and has been known to bring crazy outdoors types to their knees. Approach with respect!

For an adrenaline hit that won't subside for days, you can't beat a couple of hours monkeying around in treetops. And that's exactly what you'll be doing on your high ropes adventure.

The high ropes course is like a standard assault trail - only instead of dirt track and wooden frames, you're completing scary-as-balls challenges in the canopy of Sherwood Forest! Hurl yourselves between tree trunks on the UK's only tree to tree zipwires, swing like Tarzan and conquer rope bridges swaying perilously in the breeze. Can you muster the guts to leap into space, or will you brick it at the last moment?

High ropes are perfect for the stag weekend with something to prove - or as a solid gold stag prank on the man of the moment. Tell him you're going trail biking or quadding, then take pictures of his face when he realises what you've let him in for. Even the hardest stag has been known to turn white at the sight of a climbing net suspended 30ft above terra firma!

Nottingham's enviable location near Sherwood Forest and the Peaks make it one of our top stag weekend destinations for outdoor fun. Get involved!

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