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Split - High Ropes Course - Stag Do Ideas

Split High Ropes Course

It'll happen when stags fly!

So maybe you aren't sprouting wings and taking off but your stag party will be looking down on the rest of the world at a Split High Ropes Course. There's nothing better to bond your stag party, get confidence levels through the roof and have your stag party spirit overflowing than a challenge you'll have to really rise to the occasion for!

You're going to have to really screw up the courage to take on these activities. It's going to take more than brains and brawn, you'll need a series set of cojones to get through it! So get the lads out of bed, down a few pints of water and take some paras. But don't worry about hangovers, once the adrenaline kicks in they'll be history!

Scare the bejeezus out of your mates!

A high ropes course is pretty much an obstacle course that's around 12-15 metres off the ground. So make like Tarzan and take to the trees! Each challenge that you conquer, leads you to one that's even more difficult. From rope bridges to zip lines and repeling, your stag party is in for one helluva afternoon!

Rock up to the venue with your stag party. There, you'll be met by our expert guide and instructor. They'll make sure your stag party makes it safely across the canyon. Go through a quick safety briefing and instruction, then get suited and booted in your equipment. No guts, no glory, lads! Do something you'll be proud to be telling stories of back in Ol' Blighty after your Croatian stag do has come to an end!

In a nutshell:

  • Split High Ropes Course
  • English speaking guide and instructor
  • Safety briefing and equipment included
  • 9 stations crossing a canyon
From Only £94.00 per Person
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Packages That Include This Activity

Sky High Stags
Whats Included...
  • High Ropes Course
  • Bar Crawl
  • Airport Transfers
  • 3 Nights Accommodation
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From £410.00 Per Person
we are good to go, visit England
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