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Leeds Body Sphering

It isn't a proper stag do if you don't do something mental in the afternoon! Don an all-over body ball and bounce around like a bunch of Subbuteo accessories in the silliest game in town.

Body sphering is an inspired bit of lunacy, which gives you lot the perfect opportunity to wind the stag up all afternoon.

Transported to a dead posh historic house just outside Leeds, you'll be kitted out with inflatable plastic bubble suits and given the chance to roll down a hill. Laugh, cry and shriek with childish glee as the world whirls around uncontrollably! Encased in double layers of reinforced, inflated plastic, you'll feel like a hamster on acid.

So what about the opportunities for stag bothering? Easy. Gang up on the big man and roll him into trees. Don't let him get to his feet for an hour. Push him into a ditch and leave him on his back. Film the whole humiliating episode and post it on Vimeo. You get the picture - and so will everyone else!

Leeds is a great location for crazy stag do fun - 20 minutes in a car and you're in the West Yorkshire countryside. Roll around it in balls for an hour. You'll love it!

In a nutshell:

  • 1 hour of body sphering
  • Just outside Leeds
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