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Newquay Body Sphering

Remember British Bulldog? Sign up for body sphering, and you get to do it to the bride's dad. On a beach. In a massive inflatable ball.

Newquay is legendary for its mentalist outdoor fun, and body sphering is no exception! Hosted by a bunch of madmen who get the party started no matter how delicate you're all feeling, body sphering resurrects classic playground games with a deranged twist. Suit up, run for the safe area and don't be surprised if the groom's work colleague comes out of nowhere to knock you into the sea!

Encased in giant Zorb suits, you'll bounce, roll and wobble around like blow-up skittles. The Zorb suit is made of two spheres of heavy duty plastic, one inside the other, strengthened with struts and filled with air. Only your legs remain free, making running a pretty tough proposition.

This is genuinely the most fun you can have on a beach. Guaranteed to clear hangovers in seconds flat, we recommend body sphering to every stag party that likes the idea of rediscovering its lost youth!

Take the groom's mind off the stress of wedding planning (and the debilitating headache he's got after last night's shot drinking competition) in memorable style. Featuring boyhood favourites like Across the German Lines and Gauntlet Run - as well as the legendary Bulldog - body sphering is an absolute winner.

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