Poznan Armoured Car Drive

Tank you!

Forget Call of Duty - do it in real life with a Poznan armoured car drive. Rattle bones and get the adrenaline pumping with a 15 minute ride in an actual tank, with an expert instructor in charge!

The transfer time may be 90 minutes, but that's perfect time to get excited for what's ahead! Destroy it with the massive caterpillar tracks of a genuine military assault vehicle. Kitted out with army helmets and overalls, you and the lads are there for the ride.

Kings of the road!

You'll be given the full works:, a tour of an impressive military vehicle collection by a combat historian, and the chance to see the machinery in action. How many other opportunities do you get to see an Abbot FV433 up close and personal?

You don't have to love tanks to love this activity. Being inside one of these beauties in full battle mode is an experience every man should have at least once! You'll agree with us after!

In a nutshell:

  • Poznan armoured car drive
  • 90 minute transfer time
  • 15 minute tank drive (Abbot FV433, Gvozdika 251, MTLB or BRDM-2)
  • Instructor driving only

Unfortunately this activity is no longer available, please see all activities and packages available in Poznan.

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