Poznan Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Poznan is one helluva stag do destination!

Up for somewhere other than Spain for your stag weekend? Give a wave to Poznan, mate. A Poznan Stag Do bar crawl will see you on a tour of all sorts of the city's watering holes. Start off at Starry Rynek and work your way through all the upmarket drinking dens down to the Polish boozers serving honey beer, sports bars and everything in between. Check out Proletaryat - the city's Communist pub which serves up vodka with pickles and boasts bursts of Lenin et al.

If you're planning a stag weekend for a groom with a 'he who dares' kind of attitude to boozing, get him to try the local signature drink - the 'Mad Dog'. When you're on a stag night mission in Poznan, accept no substitute! Unless, of course, you opt to sign your stag party up for a VIP Stag Dinner. You can't go wrong with posh nosh, free pints and a sizzlin' strip show before a big night out in the city.

Go large with a stag weekend in Poznan...

Our stag parties in Poznan aren't just about getting absolutely monstered. Yes, we know your drinking skills are the stories of legend, but unless you want to fall prey to the double hangover trap, it's wise to get your stag party out of the bars for a few hours during the day. Poznan boasts plenty for groups to get stuck into when the sun's up, and there are plenty of pursuits for you to try which you can't experience back in Ol' Blighty. A day at the city's shooting range will see your stag party firing off AK-47s and Glock 17s; if that doesn't get your adrenaline pumping, nothing will!

The other thing we love about this brilliant city is the flexibility it offers to stag parties. It doesn't matter if the wedding is planned for summer or winter, this destination is a year-round place to party. It boasts benefits no matter what the season. Surprisingly warm in July and August, and a winter wonderland in the colder months, Poland's best kept secret is a winner on all levels.

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