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Nighttime view of Plovdiv Old Town on three of the city's hills. Explore Plovdiv Stag Party ideas below:

Plovdiv Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Get on a stag weekend to Plovdiv, mate!

Plovdiv Stag Do, the cat's out of the bag, and it won't be long until everyone's flocking over for a legendary Stag Party. We know there's so much more to this country than Sunny Beach, and if you want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime stag weekend, this is the place to make it happen. It's not just the prices that make a stag weekend in Plovdiv such a smart move, it's the impressive variety of stuff to see and do. Plovdiv really has an edge over the other European stag do destinations.

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If you've not been here and want a bit of assistance planning the groom's stag weekend, we're here to help. We can take care of everything from sorting city centre accommodation, decadent stag night meals, erotic entertainment and adrenaline pumping activities. Simply get in touch with our stag party planners, they'll give your best mate a stag weekend he'll remember long after he ties the knot.

Discover why you should be having a Plovdiv stag party...

This city is older than Athens and boasts more than its fair share of well-preserved attractions which makes a sightseeing tour a must - even for lads who aren't culture vultures. If seeing historical landmarks isn't at the top of your to-do list, but the Assenss Fortress and Roman Theatre are quite something. We don't include just any old bog standard sightseeing tour for your stag party in Plovdiv, it's one of the best in Europe!

Wine tasting is another winner in this destination, and you can't go far wrong with an afternoon of clay pigeon shooting, as well. If you're up for blowing off some steam on the firing range on your stag weekend, Bulgaria is a brilliant place to be. If you're up for trying a bit of forbidden fruit, get the lads together for a massive (legal) shooting experience with hardcore firepower. Say hello to Mr. Smith and Mr Wesson, gents! If you want to sample a whole range of forbidden (in the UK) firearms, include a Magnum, the Makarov and the Remington! if that little lot isn't enough to get your adrenaline levels soaring, perhaps a session of paragliding or paintball will do the trick. In Plovdiv, a stag party can choose between the classics and the most exhilarating activities to hit the stag weekend menu. You an make this happen - and it won't cost the Earth.

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