Plovdiv Airport Transfers

Plovdiv International Airport isn't a huge distance from Plovdiv city centre - but if you take local transport options, it can feel like it's in another country! It's not unknown for taxi drivers to follow an interesting route into town, and as for the buses: well, let's just say you have to walk 3km from Arrivals to the city-bound stop...

Avoid insane travel trouble: book return airpot transfers! While less organised stags are trying to make sense of the bus timetable, you'll be snugly ensconced in your accommodation's bar, enjoying the first of many local beers.

Our drivers are pre-booked, guaranteed polite and reliable, and most importantly they take you door to door. Your stag group will be picked up from the airport and driven to your accommodation in central Plovdiv, and we pick you up from there at the end of the weekend too.

A bad trip from airport to accommodation can put a dent in the whole first night of a stag weekend. With airport transfers, you know you're getting the best possible price because you've already paid. And you know you're going to get to your accommodation, because we've already given instructions to your driver.

On a backpacking tour, comedy airport connection hassles are all part of the experience. On a stag weekend, you just don't have time. Cut the bull and get on with having fun!

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