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Budapest Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Be tempted by a Budapest stag do...

Budapest Stag Do is it if you're the lad in charge of sorting out a stag weekend that'll be remembered for all the right reasons, you can't go wrong with a city that's been dubbed the 'Paris of the East'. A stag weekend in the Hungarian capital is ideal for those lads who are style-conscious and looking to buy some truly distinctive threads on the groom's final fling before the ring. The streets offer all sorts of jaw-dropping sights, from the magnificent Buda Castle to the illuminated restaurants along the River Danube. Get in a bit of culture on your single life send off with sights like the ornate Gothic and Baroque buildings throughout the capital to do decadence to the max on your stag do.

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Pick from one of our Budapest Stag Party Activities Below

Come on, lads; you could do Spain again, Amsterdam or even Germany, but a stag weekend requires something fresh, new and exciting. That's where we come in, to give you ideas to make the big lad's single life send off epic and in a destination that'll be remembered long after the wedding bells have rung.

Get your drink on with your stag party in Budapest!

You'll, of course, want to be sure the city you choose for your stag weekend has a nightlife scene worthy of a grand single life send off. There's no way you could ever get bored with the bars, clubs, pubs and strip clubs of the Hungarian capital. We don't think a stag weekend would be the same without a bar crawl, and you're in for a proper belter of a do in this city. Keep the party polite and spend the first night on a traditional bar crawl. Alternatively, spice things up a bit and make it a naughty but nice event when you get one of our local party animal guest to throw in a couple of strip clubs along the way.

If seeing girls peel off layers of club and pole dances are your bag and you reckon your best mate's send off wouldn't be complete without them, a stag party in Budapest is the way forward. Hungarian women are incredibly hot and know how to put on an unforgettable show, so your stag party is in for a rare treat. If you'd rather give the clubs themselves a miss, but still want the full Monty, a Meal and a Strip Show could be the answer. You'll get to sample some of the country's finest traditional dishes, wash it all down with beer and Hungarian Brandy before the star of the show arrives and gives the groom a steamy send off!

Budapest stag weekends have an abundance of activities to choose from. This city offers more than most, so you won't have to worry about being bored. Football fans can take on a team of local lads for some traditional Sunday morning action on the pitch. Got a passion for classic bangers? Check out the Trabant Rally deal and spend a day driving round the countryside in a 2-stroke German motor.

Literally anything's possible on the outdoor pursuit front. Budapest stag weekends get to enjoy Tank Driving, Target Shooting, and all those big boys' toys you never get to play with in the UK. Budapest stag weekends are about much more than pubbing and clubbing.

You've got it made if you want activities to keep everyone entertained at all times.

As you're in the city of spas, take time out to relax in the Thermal Baths. They're an essential for Budapest stag weekends, and a genius hangover cure! The best detox we've ever experienced, the thermal springs will get you on the level in no time. Popular with locals and tourists alike, the thermal springs are unlike anything you will have seen before. As with the rest of the city, they're on the grand side. Expect to spend a morning in a castle-style setting, soaking in hot and cold pools whilst bikini-clad Hungarian honeys stroll by. Only on Budapest stag weekends! This city knows how to take care of its stags.

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