Budapest Stag Do Party Packages

Be bold! Have a Budapest stag do!

Want to go somewhere different from the typical stag weekend destinations? This capital city is not only beautiful but the night really comes to life. A Budapest Stag Weekend offers luxurious relaxation, mad nights in the city centre and plenty of beautiful, up for it women in the nightclubs. What more could you want? Oh, activities…boat loads of ‘em.

If you’ve never been to this stunning capital city, you’ve been missing out. The scenery is incredible, and for those culture vulture stags it’s a dream come true. There are tons of landmarks and tourist hotspots to hit while the suns up, and in between those, there are plenty of bars to keep you from feeling thirsty!

Give the groom one helluva stag weekend in Budapest…

The joy of choosing this destination for your final fling before the ring is that your money goes a bit further than it does in the more popular destinations. If you’re doing your stag party on a budget, this is ideal. Get the need for speed with banger racing, discover the hottest places to party with a bar crawl lead by a local party animal and get your pulses pounding at the erotic lesbian show. You’re going to love this town.

Our pre-made packages include all your stag party needs to make the most of your weekend in Budapest. From essentials like airport transfers and accommodation to activities, nightclub entry and strippers, we’ve got you covered. If you can’t find one that includes everything you want, use our build your own feature for one unforgettable single life send off.

Pick from one of our Budapest Stag Party Packages Below

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Battlefield

From £155.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Do Ideas - Beer Tasting
Beer Beer Beer

From £157.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Bottoms Up
Bottoms Up

From £125.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Down and Dirty
Down and Dirty

From £170.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Going for Gold
Going for Gold

From £176.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Cross Country Quads
King of Quads

From £190.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Shooting
Lock n Load

From £169.00 Per Person

Budapest Stag Party Packages - Ready Aim Fire
Ready Aim Fire

From £178.00 Per Person