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Carpet of flowers installation at the Grand Palace. Discover Brussels Stag Party ideas below:

Brussels Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Throw your mate an epic stag do in Brussels...

Brussels Stag Do activities and ideas are chock full of exciting events for any type of stag out there. Unsure what this brilliant metropolis has to offer other than stiffs in suits. Boy, we've got a ton for you! From adrenaline-pumping pursuits to high-octane fun, we've got it all. Have a browse and find something that'll make sending off the single life more memorable than ever.

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Pick from one of our Brussels Stag Party Activities Below

So what about the nightlife? You'll have no shortage of cafes, restaurants, bars and clubs to eat, drink and throw some shapes. A stag night in Brussels is brilliant if you like nothing more than a good, old-fashioned boozer. This is the city of the pub, so get the ales in and prepare for a tipsy affair. 

Get your drink on, on a Brussels stag night!

Kickstart your stag party shenanigans with a Bar Crawl, then move onto the more trendy and lively venues in the heart of the city. We have it on good authority that Cafe Delirium is a winner, and stocks a whopping 2,000 varieties of beer. On a budget? Sending off the single life in Brussels doesn't have to clean out your bank account. Thanks to a thriving student population, there are plenty of bars offering nicely priced drinks and deals. Let one of our English-speaking guides show you the high end and the lowbrow - no matter what you like to listen to and the sort of surroundings you're looking for, a stag night in this city will tick all the boxes.

No stag weekend would be complete in Brussels without a brewery tour. Learn the secrets behind lambic, enjoy a fresh brew, then head off into the lively nightlife of the city. Brussels offers everything from proper boozers to trendy bars on the Place St Géry and the Rue de Chartreux. You'll feast like kings during your time in Belgium. The city's signature dish is moules mariniere with the best chips on the planet. Seriously, we're talking epic eats, so don't stint yourselves. Diets are for other people, this is a weekend full of indulgence - so loosen those belts and get on it.

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