Brussels Crossbows

Back in the day, Belgian royalty was pretty badass. Kings were highly trained crossbow artists, holding the title of Grand Master and practicing their lethal skills every day! Can you compete with a regal institution, and claim the title of Monarch of Mayhem?

In a beautiful, historic location in the centre of Brussels, your band of wannabe medieval bad boys will be kitted out with the latest crossbow equipment. The bows are light and accurate, and release deadly quarrels at speeds of up to 217 mph. Time to nut up or shut up!

Highly competent instructors are on hand to take you through the basics. You'll learn bow safety and aiming techniques. Listen carefully, and you'll stand the best chance of winning the coveted stag party trophy.

You get private hire of the place for the duration of your contest, and each combatant has three quarrels to fire, just like in a medieval tourney. Make the most of your shots, and earn the right to brag about your Game of Thrones style skills in the pub afterwards. Talking of which, you get a free beer to celebrate at the end of the competition. After all, it is a stag party...

In a nutshell:

  • 1 1/4 hours crossbow shooting
  • Private hire of a historic location in central Brussels
  • Professional instruction
  • Prize for the best shot
  • 3 quarrels each
  • Free drink

Packages That Include This Activity:

Brussels Stag Do Ideas - Crossbows
On Target

From £208.00 Per Person

Sexy Shenanigans

From £219.00 Per Person