Bratislava Stag Do Party Packages

Have a sizzling send off with a Bratislava stag do!

The Slovakian capital is a brilliant destination for the big lad’s last stand and our Bratislava Stag Weekend packages offer up all the essentials your stag party needs to make it through to Monday! What are you waiting for? Forget having a stay-cation or going to the usual haunts. Do something different for the groom’s final fling before the ring.

Not many cities can live up to stag party standards year round, but Bratislava stands out from the pack. During the summer, the city is warm, the weather is fine and the ladies have plenty of skin on show. When the winter months roll round, you can get stuck into activities you won’t find back home including tank driving, sledging and skiing.

Pack in this excitement with a stag party in Bratislava…

If you want to give your groom an adrenaline rush before he takes the leap into married life, Bratislava will do you proud. When it comes to pulse pounding experiences, this city has it in spades. Gather the lads and head out into the countryside for activities like river surfing, military shooting and tower jumping.

The nights in this city match the days, with the atmosphere pumping and the people up to party. Experience everything from Absinthe nights to a transvestite show and everything in between. Our pre-made packages include all your essentials and some of the most popular activities on the menu. Can’t find just the right one? Use our build your own feature to create an eye popping experience the groom can be proud of.

Pick from one of our Bratislava Stag Party Packages Below

Bratislava Stag Do Packages - Battlefield

From £179.00 Per Person

Bratislava Stag Do Packages - Beer Beer Beer
Beer Beer Beer

From £150.00 Per Person

Bratislava Stag Party Ideas - Bubble Football
Bubble Party

From £173.00 Per Person

Bratislava Stag Do Packages - Down and Dirty
Down and Dirty

From £189.00 Per Person

Footy Weekend

From £150.00 Per Person

Bratislava Stag Do Packages - Going for Gold
Going for Gold

From £220.00 Per Person

Bratislava Stag Do Packages - Kings of Quads
Kings of Quads

From £190.00 Per Person

Bratislava Military Madness - Stag Party Packages
Military Madness

From £169.00 Per Person