What to do on a Stag Do

We're often asked what to do on a stag do that isn't just jumping on a quad bike or hiring a stripper. Now, before I go any further I'd like to point out that both riding quad bikes and hiring strippers are integral parts of many successful stag dos. In fact, they're epic. How often in daily life do you get to charge around a muddy field on a 4x4, unless you're a farmer? And when are you given the opportunity to look at world-class babes taking their clothes off, just for you (unless you're Hugh Hefner)?

But there are other things to do on a stag do - and they range from the bold to the bonkers. So really the answer to the question isn't about whether we know what to do on a stag do. It's whether we know what you should be doing on yours.

Here's what I usually ask, when a best man needs my advice.

"What kind of guy is the groom? You know, is he sporty, does he like adrenaline?" That kind of thing. Because what you really want to do on a stag do is the kind of thing the stag is going to enjoy.

This is his last weekend of freedom, and it's up to you as best man to make it a good one. For that, I suggest knowing how to mix up the classics (like drinking lots of beer) with the things your best buddy is going to really enjoy. Like snorkelling, or going on a club boat, or spending the entire night performing a simulated Special Ops mission.

The question of what to do on a stag do is a personal one. Every stag do is different, and the best ones are tailored to the groom's personality. If he doesn't want a stripper (yes, there are some guys out there who don't), then don't get him one. If he likes a thrill, but is bored of the usual stuff, take him to Edinburgh and throw him off a cliff. The point is, the weekend has to be about him. That's how you make it awesome.

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Date Posted: Wednesday 2nd December 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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