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Beer Tasting Experience for Stag Weekends

Beer Tasting

There's no two ways about it - beer tasting is the ultimate stag activity. Try a selection of artisan ales and learn a bit about how they're produced with a beer boffin who really knows his shizzle. Leave the bucket list stuff to the adrenaline junkies and spend an afternoon in the company of beer! We'll book your stag party in for a beer tasting session at a great brewery that produces a whole host of craft ales.

This is a golden opportunity to try a range of beers you can't get down your local pub. You might not order a pint of Old Bastard or Bearded Beast under normal circumstances but it's the sort of thing you'll try during beer tasting. Your beer boffin will explain a bit about each ale and give you tips on how to detect various flavours and aromas. Don't worry; no-one will judge you if you can't detect fruity, malty or nutty overtones! This is beer tasting, not pretentious wine tasting.

Keep your tasting notes and stagger off to discover more bars or stick around and work your way through the menu.

Guaranteed to go down a treat with everyone from the groom to his future brother in-law, beer tasting has stag do written all over it.

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