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Edinburgh Cliff Jumping

There are no words to describe cliff jumping. Oh wait - yes there are: holyshitholyshitholyshitimgonnaDIE! SPLASH. Omigodimalive. Can I do it again?

In other words: it's legendary, and you should do it right now.

This really is one of those stag party activities you can't do anywhere else. To successfully cliff jump, you need an intimate knowledge of the coastline, total familiarity with tide times, and perfect form. Enter the water at the wrong time of day, you'll break your legs. Go in with the wrong bit of your body hitting the water first, it's going to hurt. Expert instruction is a must!

The staff at the adventure centre in Edinburgh really know their stuff. They'll teach you how to wait for the right moment, jump so your body forms the most hydrodynamic shape, and come up to the surface quickly after you hit the water. Watch, listen, learn and put your newfound skills into practice!

Did we mention you'll be jumping off an actual cliff? Without any form of harness? You can science it up all you like, but cliff jumping is still basically the art of not dying when you fall from a huge height into the ocean. And that makes it perfect for a stag party!

Don't tell the stag what you've let him in for until there's no going back. If you're lucky, he'll be so busy bragging about how hard he is, he won't be able to back down when he finds out what's happening. But don't laugh too hard, because you're next...

In a nutshell:

  • Cliff jump on the coast near Edinburgh
  • All safety gear including helmets and buoyancy aids
  • Training
  • Half a day
  • You must be a competent swimmer
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Packages That Include This Activity

Edinburgh Stag Party Packages - Living on the Edge
Living on the Edge
Whats Included...
  • Cliff Jumping
  • Comedy Club
  • VIP Night Club Entry
  • 2 Nights Accommodation
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