The Scariest Stag Do Ideas In Britain

You'll need balls of steel to tackle Britain's scariest stag do ideas. These turn tough guys into whimpering wrecks. Whether it's Halloween or you just want to scare the stag out of his wits, they'll have him running for the hills.

Escapologic, Nottingham

CRYPT-IC is the scariest escape room in Nottingham. Darkness? Check. Jumpy sound effects. Loads. Ancient evil? King Heritho haunts the hidden chambers of this realm and wants your soul! You've got one hour to solve the puzzles and get the hell out. The banter machine will be firing on all cylinders by the time you get to the last bit. Escapologic definitely deserves a place on a list of Britain's scariest stag do ideas and is a must if you are on a Nottingham stag do.

Horror Escape Rooms, Bristol

Inspired by the likes of Hostel and Texas Chainsaw Massacre, this is a must for horror buffs. Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to get out of a hellish cell guarded by a cross between Leatherface and the dude out of the first Saw film. As the name suggests, the horror escape rooms are a clever combination of horror movie and escape room.

Freak Show, Liverpool

Everything's fine...and then it really isn't! Take your seats for a slap-up three-course meal at a decadent venue in the heart of Liverpool. The waitresses are hot, the drinks go down a treat, and the food is quality. But the clue is in the title: Freak Show. Then you start to notice stuff - like maniacal clowns laughing at you from above, and rusty circus gear hanging from the walls. Then the noises begin...

Cliff Jumping

Forget horror movies - nothing scares a stag silly quite the prospect of jumping off a cliff into the ocean. Legs will turn to jelly when you're standing on the ledge, on the brink of taking the plunge. Cliff jumping is easily one of Britain's scariest stag do ideas.

Spend a Night in a Haunted House

If being locked in dark rooms and jailed by Leatherface doesn't make you yelp, how about a stay in one of Britain's most haunted houses? Reckon you can handle sharing space with the ghost of a hanging woman? How about a castle in Wales complete with drowning pit, whipping pit and dungeon?

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Date Posted: Wednesday 28th October 2015

Author: Jim Alexander

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