Stag Weekends For Beer Lovers

Insane firearms-based activities, crazy-hot ladies - European stag weekend destinations have got it going on. But when all's said and done, the real motivation to hop on a plane and head east is still the beer.

Yes, Prague might have gotten a little more expensive since Brit stags first discovered the joys of Kozel. But you can still get a pint for a quid if you know where to look. If you're after top brews that don't break the bank, these are the best stag weekends in the world.


Prague is always going to be the best stag weekend beer destination - and not just for the price. If you follow the locals, you'll get the greatest pint on the planet for exactly one pound and a penny. And you'll get it in a rowdy bar full of warmth and good cheer. What's not to like?

Top beery stag weekend activity: the Pilsener Urquell brewery tour. Pay attention to the history lesson you'll get from your tour guide - nearly three quarters of all the world's brewskis owe their existence to the techniques pioneered by the chaps and chapesses at Urquell. Blimey.


Home of the cheapest pint in Europe (just 90p as of 2015), the twin cities of Buda and Pest are epic in every respect. For a start, they're split by the Danube, and abound in monumentally beautiful buildings. And you can soak away hangovers in any one of 80 hot springs.

For a stag weekend on the beers, you have to sample a ruin pub (romkoscma). These are generally pop-ups, which inhabit the shells of abandoned factories, shops and apartment blocks. But there are a couple that have become staples of the city's nightlife. Try Corvinteto to experience banging club nights on the roof and upper floors of an old department store.


The beer here is still cheap - around £1.30 per pint. But the thing that really rocks about Krakow is its nightlife. Between the Kazimierz district and the Old Town, this Polish beauty has a higher quota of clubs per square foot than anywhere else on earth.

Top stag weekend tip: get a local nightlife guide. Some of the best bars in the city won't let you in without one.


Bratislava looks like it was built from Lego, but that doesn't stop it from being a top notch beery stag destination. In fact, after a few very reasonably priced pints (at an average of £1.60 per beer), the brightly coloured angular buildings start to look almost normal.

Nightlife in the Slovakian capital is split down the middle - on one side of Castle Hill, you'll find the Korzo district, which is packed with tourist-friendly bars. If you're too drunk to walk straight, you'll be given your marching orders by taciturn door staff with big shoulders.

On the other side of the Hill, it's a different story. This is where the locals go, and security is lax. Expect plenty of ace beer and a distinct lack of yelling foreigners.


Vilnius scores over many beery stag weekend spots because it has a massive student population. And no, that doesn't mean 20-year-old hotties willing to hang out with you. Well, it might. But that's between you and the lamp post.

No, what I'm talking about is a city centre full of drunk shouting people. A few more of them won't make anyone bat an eyelid. And with beer at a respectable £1.65 per pint, you have little choice but to join in. Cheers!

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Date Posted: Monday 14th September 2015

Author: Yazmina Wallace

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