Stag Party Ideas for 2021

Yes, guys it’s time to get excited and get planning those 2021 stag parties. Don’t worry all you have to do is get the guest list together, and decide which one of our great locations you would like to visit and what activities you would like to do while you are there.

It will give everyone something to look forward too and that will for sure bring a smile to all the lads faces. So, what are you waiting for get that what’s app group set up, a date locked in and let us sort you the most epic Stag weekend.


UK or Abroad?

This is the first question you need to answer with your stag party planning, both have lots of great choices for legendary Stag dos. So, it’s all down to plane or no plane?

Our Top destinations for UK stags are – Bournemouth, Newcastle, Manchester, Nottingham, and Bristol.

These destinations have everything you could ask for on a stag weekend, Bournemouth with its beaches and bars, Bristol with its marina and bars, Newcastle with its atmosphere and bars, Manchester with its football and bars, and Nottingham with its Hooters and more bars. These UK destinations will give abroad a run for there money and guarantee weekends that will be talked about for years.


Our Top Destinations for abroad stags are – Marbella, Albufeira, Barcelona, Budapest, and Amsterdam.

These destinations will never disappoint for a stag weekend and all the lads will love every minute. Marbella with its marina, cars and bars, Albufeira with its beaches, strip and sun, Barcelona with its beaches, tapas and bars, Amsterdam with its red light district, cafes, and bars, and Budapest with its thermal baths, ruin bars, and even more bars. These are the destinations of stag party dreams, don’t worry lads they all have lots of lap dancing bars as well, so what are you waiting for get those flights booked!

Our Top Activities for stags are – Bubble football, Beer bike tours, Total Knockout, Bar crawls and Lap dancing.

Yes, lads you have to get in a few activities on the stag do, so you at least have something you can talk about when you get home. These activities will have all the lads in stiches hopefully only of the laughing kind! Bubble football is for the active lads who love football, you get in zorbs and play football, which makes tackling much more fun when you fall over in a zorb and can bounce people around. Beer bike tours are the perfect way to see any city, you get on a giant bike together with a bar in the middle, then you pedal round seeing the city while drinking at the bar, what more could you ask from a stag activity. Total Knockout is our new inflatable mash up activity, which is a mix of the famous It’s a Knockout and Totally Wiped Out. Compete against teams of hens and stags over giant games like the big red balls and sweeper arm to see who win be crowned champions. Then you have to have a few evening activities, when you don’t know a city you want to make sure you are visiting the best bars with atmosphere, so get a bar crawl booked, so you have a guide to take you to all the best bars. Then what is a stag do without a lap dance, guys this one is a no brainer!

We have been sorting stag weekends for over 25 years, so if you want to guarantee your best mate the stag party of his life, then look no further and get booked with us so we can make sure you have the weekend of your lives!       

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Date Posted: Friday 22nd May 2020

Author: Julian

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