Halloween Stag Party Activity Ideas…

Halloween Stag Party Activity Ideas…

As it's nearly Halloween we have put together some ideas to make your stag party one spooky celebration! If you are on a stag party the weekend of Halloween then these activities, will give it a spooky twist! Steer away from the usual fancy dress or style of a traditional stag party and entertain the guys with blood pumping activities!


Escape Rooms:

Can your stag group beat the clock and escape? Experience our escape rooms on your stag party and choose from a variety of themed rooms. Spooky, scary thrills are ready for you! If the stag loves a challenge and a mystery, then these escape rooms are made for him. They are unlike anything else your group will have experienced, even the bravest stag will be trying to escape when the door locks behind you.

Ghost Tours:

With it being Halloween, a ghost tour suits the mood, does the stag enjoy a spine chiller? Feel the hair on the back of your neck stand up with a ghost tour around some incredible cities. Find out all the tales of the city you're in and see it come alive (literally) at night!  Also, hilarious if you have that one guy that jumps out of his skin at the smallest fright!

Freak Show:

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well, now you can

The drinks are flowing. Then you start to notice the decor...

Insane clowns grin down at you from the vaulted ceiling. Ancient circus equipment hangs on the bare brick walls. And wait - what's that noise...?

As your stag party gets involved with the best food in town, while malevolent tumblers are creeping through the shadows, ready to leap out and scare the bejesus out of you with their mad Halloween tricks! Disfigured acrobats hurl themselves from trapezes in the space below the cellar ceiling! Devilish escape artists cheat certain death!

 Zombie Bootcamp:

The ultimate stag weekend for a groom who's a real adrenaline junkie, our Zombie Bootcamp is unforgettable and will make men out of you all! If the big lad is a fan of TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies such as 28 Days Later and World War Z, he'll love taking part in a zombie survival experience. Not for the faint of heart, this one is as gory as it gets and you're going to love it!

Zombie SWAT Training:

Walking dead has been a very popular programme for many, with this activity you will feel as though you are part of the cast. If you are looking for something to get the blood pumping with physical activity, then our zombie SWAT training is ideal! Experience a range of games from paintball, laser tag and even a zombie assault course to get the adrenaline pumping.

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Date Posted: Friday 12th October 2018

Author: Barry O'Neil

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