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Unique Zombie Bootcamp Birmingham

The ultimate stag weekend for a groom who’s a real adrenaline junkie, our Zombie Bootcamp is unforgettable and will make men out of you all! If the big lad is a fan of TV shows like The Walking Dead and movies such as 28 Days Later and World War Z, he’ll love taking part in a zombie survival experience. Not for the faint of heart, this one is as gory as it gets and you’re going to love it!

We’ve got your full stag weekend sorted. The first night it’s all about zombies in a military-style experience. Arrive at the site, go through a safety briefing and choose your bunk for the night. Then, it’s time to get in line. Suit up in your riot gear, and head for training. You’re in the dark, the zombies will bite, spit, and mob you to the ground hungry for brains.

For the second night, we’ve arranged comfortable rooms in a 3* hotel, right in the heart of the city. There are plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs and pubs within walking distance of your digs, but we’ve got VIP nightclub entry all lined up for your second night out. Get the drinks in and wave goodbye to the single life in style!

In a nutshell:

  • Zombie Bootcamp
  • Military-style accommodation (1 night) £10 payable on the night
  • 1 night 3* stay in the city centre
  • VIP nightclub entry
From Only £179.00 per Person

Activities Included:

Zombie Bootcamp

Grab a gun and get ready to blow 'em away on your stag weekend with a Zombie Bootcamp experience. When your stag party arrives at the venue, you'll be greeted by hardcore trainers who know all about how to talk down the biters. Get situated in your bunk, grab your riot gear and head for training.

These aren't the slow-moving zombies of old-style movies, these are the kind you see in World War Z. They smell like death itself and they'll bite you, attack, spit their infected blood into your face and take you down in their search for brains. Will you survive their horde? Only one way to find out.

Everyone will get kitted out with a riot helmet, body armour, and arm and leg protection before facing the onslaught. Training is brief, but will get you ready to take 'em down. Ready yourselves for close quarter combat. Your group will be sent into the facility and surrounding to clear out the infected. There are two different missions to complete, and communication is key. If you get split up it's all going to go downhill. Head in, take them out and bond your stag party in double quick time. Hey, if the hens can do it, so can you!

VIP Nightclub Entry

If you've not been out in a city before, how do you know where to go for the best night, the best atmosphere and the best drinks offers? Wandering around the city and wasting money on entry fees is not the ideal stag night solution. Make sure the big lad's last stand goes to plan with pre-arranged VIP Nightclub Entry for your entire stag party!

We do all the dirty work. We've partied in every club, pub and bar in the city and know where has the best tunes, the coldest beer and the most beautiful women, and we've got your ticket inside. Simply arrive at the venues, give the guys on the door your name and you're in like Flynn. Head for the VIP area and get the drinks in. It's a no-brainer, lads. Why would you waste time traipsing about the city?

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