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Amsterdam Stag Do Activities & Party Ideas

Go wild in Amsterdam on your stag weekend!

Amsterdam Stag Do we've partied through this party capital, and have put together a vast list of activities, nightlife events and more for our stag parties. These are guaranteed to make your Amsterdam Stag Do absolutely immense. Find a few you love, get in touch with our stag party planners and smash the stag's final fling before the ring.

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Pick from one of our Amsterdam Stag Party Activities Below

All in the name of research, of course! We're talking strip clubs, nightclubs, decadent dishes on a stag night and plenty of mad moments, if you want to experience the wild side of the city, stick with us. Having a trip to Amsterdam is one of those things you've got to do before you're 30. If by some weird twist of fate you're over 30 and haven't done the Red Light District yet, a stag weekend in the 'Dam is the perfect excuse to pop your cherry!

Our stags give Amsterdam top marks for nightlife...

Although the neon signs in the windows of historical brothels are part of the experience, there's more to a stag weekend in Amsterdam than brightly lit booty. It's not just the strip clubs which keep the punters coming back for more. This magical city has pubbing and clubbing down to a fine art. Prague may have nicked a few punters over the years, but a stag weekend in Amsterdam still scores top marks for nightlife if you ask us (and our stag parties!).

Every conceivable music taste and style preference is catered for admirably. You want sports bars? You got 'em. Themed pubs? Plenty to choose from here. Traditional Dutch taverns serving beers in every strength and flavour? Take your pick. A night out here will satisfy your every whim, and your stag party will no doubt discover a few new vices on the ride. Like gambling! If clubbing isn't your version of a wild night out, and you want to do more than hit the pubs, a 007 Casino Night should keep all the lads on your holiday entertained.

Don't worry if you're committed to the classics and don't go in for the newfangled stuff. Paintballing is of course on the menu for Amsterdam stag weekends, along with Quad Biking with little belters that can reach 60mph.

If you are up for doing something a little out of the ordinary, we've got a couple of crackers for you to try. Amsterdam stag weekends get to experience the adrenaline-surge of the Dirty Harry Shoot-Em Up. If you and your band of punks are feeling particularly lucky, we can take you to a shooting range for 2 hours of hardcore firepower fun with Clint's favourite - the classic .44 Magnum. Amsterdam stag weekends can also try our very own Olympic event - the Redneck Games. We've lined up 10 of the best redneck games, including beer can shooting and the tug of war. Get the groom rigged up with bad teeth and overalls and let the games begin!

What about the nuts and bolts? It's all very well picking a city but you'll need to know if it comes out on budget. The advantage of Amsterdam stag weekends is their popularity, which spells cheap flights aplenty of tons of different accommodation options. To be honest, you can do Amsterdam stag weekends on a shoestring, or say sod it and blow the budget to kingdom come and live like lords. We offer all sorts of different packages, from the pocket-friendly Essential Clubbing Weekend to the more lavish Shooters & Hooters deal. Amsterdam stag weekends can be anything you like. Stick to our deals or do the DIY thing and create one tailored to meet special requirements. We've got plenty of years under our belts when it comes to Amsterdam stag weekends and will help you out any way we can.

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