Amsterdam Airport Transfers

Want a smooth start and an easy end to your stag weekend? Pre-booked Amsterdam airport transfers are the only way to fly. We'll arrange for a driver to meet you at Schiphol Airport, take you right to the door of your accommodation, and then pick you up again on the last day. Split the cost and it's cheap as chips.

No messing about with public transport, directions or maps that lead to dead ends! You could drag your bags on the train to Centraal Station but you'd only have to find your hotel at the other end. Why fanny about with directions or pay for a train ticket AND a taxi when you could simply jump in a car at Amsterdam airport? Pre-arranged transfers save tons of time and shedloads of hassle.

We only work with reputable airport transfer companies and will make sure you get the best deal on a journey from Schiphol to Amsterdam city centre. Stick bags in the boot, sit back, and see a few sights before you get to the hotel, like the famous Skinny Bridge.

Airport transfers are included in the cost of your stag weekend, so you won't have to mess about finding change when you've only just landed in Amsterdam. It's a winner on all levels.

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