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Tallinn Medieval Banquet

A Tallinn stag weekend without a medieval banquet would be like Blackpool without fish 'n chips, Cornwall without pasties - you get the picture!

Feast like kings in an authentic medieval hall with all the trimmings. Forget little bits of fussy food - we're talking man-sized portions of wild boar washed down with honey beer. You certainly won't need to top up at Maccy D's after a medieval banquet.

This is a great choice for the second night of a Tallinn stag weekend. Every about the medieval banquet is authentic, from the food to the costumes worn by serving staff and the entertainment.

Fine wines, fantastic beers, succulent meat, fish, game and fresh baked bread at prices that won't bust your budget. What more could a man want from a meal?

We recommend making reservations in advance of your Tallinn stag weekend. These are free, as long as you book another activity through us.

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