Riga Stag Kidnap

A classic stitch-up is the cornerstone of any successful Riga stag weekend. Cling filming the groom naked to a lamp-post is a bit passé and will probably result in a night in a Latvian jail cell. Not so good.

A staged stag kidnap is just the job.

At a pre-arranged time during his Riga stag weekend, you'll take the groom for a beer at a particular pub. Unbeknownst to him, he's about to be handcuffed and whisked off for a couple of hours. One minute he's enjoying a pint, the next he's being bundled into the back of a van.

He'll be safely returned and will hopefully see the funny side! Meanwhile, the rest of the Riga stag party gets to unwind over a few pints. Job done.

It's all in the name of harmless fun. A Riga stag kidnap gives you lot a laugh without breaking the golden rule about not injuring the poor chap!

Our stag kidnap is charged at a group rate so the actual price depends on group size.

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