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Madrid Boobie Wrestling

Girls. Chocolate. Beer. Madrid stag weekend boobie wrestling is a beautiful thing!In this absolute stag classic, you get to combine a bit of naughty entertainment with a whole lot of fun, in a pool-based scrap to the sticky, slippery death! Two spectacularly hot Madrilenas (that's what the locals call ladies from Madrid) go bare-breasted in a pit full of chocolate, slipping and sliding around.

If you thought just seeing some naked boobies bouncing around covered in chocolate was awesome, just wait until round two! When the bell goes "ding" and the nearly-naked honeys dive back in for some more girl-on-girl action, there'll be a surprise in store for the stag. He's going with them!

Laugh until your face aches as the man of the moment disappears in a sea of chocolate and naked lady flesh! Not only will he become the subject of multiple incriminating photographs, you'll also get to see him have his ass kicked by a pair of girls. And if that's not a reason to book boobie wrestling for your Madrid stag weekend, we don't know what is!

There's a beer on hand for every feller in the group, perfect for toasting your best bud's total lack of skills in the boobie wrestling department. Quaff a well-earned beer and wait for him to surface.

The question is, do you tell the bride about boobie wrestling?

Your Madrid stag weekend activity includes:

  • Nearly naked chocolate wrestling
  • Stag gets involved
  • Beers
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