Tallinn KGB Shooting

Attention, comrade! Your mission is to try KGB shooting on your Tallinn stag weekend. Find out what it's like to fire away with the legendary AK-47 and a selection of other firearms made famous by the secret police of the old Soviet Union.

Your Tallinn stag party will get to compare the merits of pistols and assault rifles in one hit.

Brush up your marksmanship skills and blow off steam with a selection of first-class firearms.

A Tallinn stag weekend without shooting would be bad form. Estonia's shooting laws are significantly different from ours. Take advantage and experience a shooting session you can't try back in Blighty.

Round up your comrades and get involved! KGB Shooting includes:

  • 8 rounds from a Makarov pistol
  • 8 rounds from a TT pistol - the gun of the Russian mafia
  • 5 rounds from the one and only AK-47
  • 5 rounds from an SKS assault rifle
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