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Tallinn Assassin Shooting

Does the groom fancy himself as James Bond or Jason Bourne? If so, Assassin Shooting is just the job for his Tallinn stag weekend. Brush up your marksmanship skills and find out what it's like to fire away with guns equipped with silencers.

You can't do this back in Blighty, folks!

If you want to do something different and memorable on a Tallinn stag weekend, Assassin Shooting will hit the mark.

Experienced instructors will show you how to lock 'n load, adopt proper shooting stance and increase your chances of taking the target down every time.

Come on, chaps! How often do you get the golden opportunity to live out your spy fantasies? Take advantage of being on a Tallinn stag weekend and get involved. Assassin Shooting includes:

  • 10 rounds with Walther P22 - James Bond's gun of choice
  • 10 rounds with Tokarev 7.62mm pistol - used by Soviet Military and Russian Navy
  • 3 rounds with Tikka Tactical - a full calibre NATO sniper rifle
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