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Cancun Road Trip

Nowhere is Cancun's amazing mix of modern infrastructure and ancient history more apparent than on its highways - arrow-straight, perfectly maintained roads charging straight through the heart of the Mayan jungle.

Imagine this: your stag party, a fleet of insane supercars, and a highway that follows the Cancun coastline into a world of ancient temples, ruined cities and epic rivers! It's the only way to travel when you're partying in the most out-there place in the Americas.

What's it to be then, boys? Fancy getting behind the wheel of a hungry Audi R8? Or maybe dialling your cool factor up to Steve McQueen levels in a Merc AMG SLS gullwing? The good news is you get to change vehicles throughout the road trip, swapping keys and steeds amongst yourselves at some of the planned stops you'll be making. No need for car envy when you can try them all!

There's no stag party driving activity like this anywhere else on earth. If taking control of the most powerful production cars ever built, on perfect roads leading into jungles and lost Mayan paradises doesn't leave you with the biggest grin in history, you're probably clinically dead.

Boys, the opportunity you've been waiting for your whole life just arrived. Take control of your driving fantasies!

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