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Gdansk Casino Night

If your bro likes his card games, a casino night is the way to go for his Gdansk stag party weekend. We'll sort you out with casino entry and a welcome drink to get the ball rolling. A guide will take you there so no need to worry about finding the way when you've had a few. It's not far, so you can easily hit a couple of bars before it's time to head over and beat the dealer.

As your entry is booked and paid for as part of your package, there's nothing to pay on the door. Get the whole group in without having to split up, grab your drink and then decide on your strategy for the casino night. Will you ease in gently with a few hands of blackjack, try your luck at roulette or go straight in at the top and play poker?

Literally anything's possible on a casino night. That's the beauty of it. Will you get on a roll and if you do, can you walk away when you're flying high or do you keep on going? You get every kind of gambler on a Gdansk stag party weekend. There's the compulsive gambler, who's just chasing the fix from the next game. Then you've got the serious gambler who's genuinely into the games and wants the big win. The social gambler is into the whole casino experience and might place a few bets but really just wants the kind of casino night you see in blockbuster movies. Finally, there's Mr. Conservative, the guy who places safe minimum bets and really doesn't want to part with his hard-earned cash.

Which one are you? Find out by adding a casino night to your Gdansk stag party package.

In a nutshell:

  • Casino night in Tri-City
  • Entry to the casino
  • Welcome drink
  • Guide
From Only £19.00 per Person
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