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Karaoke Night Entertainment for Stag Weekends

Karaoke Night

Keep up the age-old stag party tradition of making an idiot out of the groom in public with a karaoke night!

A classic confidence builder and a completely different way to score some lady attention, karaoke is bound to show up everyone in the group, except the one bloke who turns out to have the voice of Robbie Williams!

If you've had a few ales beforehand though, you'll think you're brilliant. And that, when you're on the lash in a strange city full of hot girls, is what matters. Belt out a couple of classic floor fillers ("My Way" is always a goodie for a stag party), rock it to your mates singing Queen and G n R, and hit the bars feeling like the guitar gods you so could have been.

Phones out to record the groom singing "I'm Too Sexy For My Shirt", and if you don't smash out at least one full stag party rendition of "We Are The Champions" there's something up with you!

After a couple of hours behind the mike, group spirit will be way up - and the whole night still ahead of you. Guaranteed to break the ice, and a chart-topping way to humiliate the big man, a karaoke night is the perfect pre-blowout warm-up!

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