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Bratislava Karaoke Night

Prep those pipes, lads!

Got a stag on your hands who loves to be the centre of attention? Give him the spotlight with a Bratislava Karaoke Night on his stag weekend!

Karaoke is the perfect confidence builder and ideal to get your group of lads bonded through tunes. The smokin' hot ladies of Slovakia are bound to stand up and take notice when you start belting out a few floorfillers. Send your stag party spirit to new heights in a strange city. It's a no brainer!

'I'm too sexy for my shirt...'

If you've got a few shy lads on your hands, have a few drinks before you rock up to the karaoke bar. By the time they get there, all inhibitions will be forgotten and bad voices or not they'll all think they're the next Robbie Williams.

A karaoke night in the Slovakian capital will set your stag party up for success as the night carries on. A stunning, English speaking nightguide will make sure you get to the venue without wandering around the city. You'll have four hours to belt out your favourite classics and we'll even throw in the first round of beers to give you some dutch courage!

In a nutshell:

  • Bratislava Karaoke Night
  • Round of beers
  • English speaking guide
  • Allow 4 hours for this activity
From Only £28.00 per Person
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