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Two guys singing - one on the mic and one on the guitar

Prague Karaoke Night

Prague Karaoke Night they say everyone's got a song in them. Unleash your inner rock god, crooner or hip hop star with this classic stag weekend icebreaker!

There's nothing like mutual humiliation to bond a group of chaps who don't know each other that well. And on a stag weekend, you're bound to run into different sets of fellers. There are chaps the groom knows from school, chaps he knows from work. And then, of course, there's the bride's dad. How are you going to keep that little lot happy?

Karaoke is absolutely the way forward. Pick from a menu of rock classics, party bangers and soul stompers, and get it on! You have a booth to yourselves, so you don't need to hold back. Whether you're a secret Percy Sledge or an out and proud Eddie Van Halen, one thing's for sure. After a free cocktail and a nervous look at the song sheet, you'll be right up for it.

Every group has one secret singing legend. A karaoke session reveals him, and puts him front and centre for the rest of the weekend. His new mission - to help you meet girls by singing impressively in bars. Trust us, it works. And it's nearly always the guy who looks most like an accountant.

There's nothing not to like about this karaoke venue. It's in Prague city centre, perfect for starting your night, and it has plenty of private rooms for you to sing your heart out in. Plus when you're done, you just have to walk back into the main bit and you're in the pub. Legendary.

In a nutshell:

  • Hotel pickup
  • Guide
  • 1 hour in a private karaoke room
  • 1 free cocktail each
From Only £37.00 per Person
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